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Chasing Greatness: Learning from a World Champion for Ultimate Fitness Success

Chasing Greatness: Learning from a World Champion for Ultimate Fitness Success
Photo by Ameer Basheer / Unsplash

I realized that if I wanted to achieve greatness, I needed to learn from the very best. Today, I made the decision to dive into Hunter McIntyre's Haos training, combining the Hyrox Master Class and the Ultimate Engine.

My plan is to complete the Master Class workouts in approximately 8 weeks, with the ultimate goal of transforming my body from a "Cross Country Mountain Bike Racer" to a "Hybrid Fitness Racer." During my recent bike race training, my primary focus was on shedding weight and elevating my cardio endurance to a higher level.

Since the beginning of this year, I successfully dropped from 199 to 183 pounds on race day. It was a tremendous achievement to shed the extra weight accumulated during the pandemic, and it undeniably contributed to my increased speed on the bike during the race. As I always say, it's more cost-effective to lose weight than to upgrade your bike.

While searching for my next challenge, I decided to switch my training to the Aesir Ascendance program, which you can find linked here. I've been following a variation of this program on and off for about four-week cycles since 2017. It's this program that truly made me fall in love with "the gym." I find immense joy in waking up early before everyone else and pushing through each rep. I relish the sense of accomplishment that comes with progressing to the next weight plate, especially when my gym has the vibrant Eleiko plates. During my training sessions, I've been working tirelessly to advance to the next color plate.

Given my love for "the gym" and my existing focus on cardio, transitioning to Hybrid Fitness training feels like the logical next step. Hyrox has captured my fascination, as it appears to be an incredibly thrilling challenge. During my search for specialized training, I stumbled upon Hunter's website, and it's hard to miss his impactful online presence. I thought to myself, if I have the opportunity to learn, why not learn from the world champion and world record holder, right? It's like having the chance to train with Lance Armstrong (minus the doping, of course) during his peak. Who wouldn't take that opportunity?

After spending today reading through all the materials and comprehending the training regimen, I am ready to begin. This is the starting line for me.

In an upcoming post later this week, I'll be sharing my goals and thoughts as I embark on this journey. I invite you to follow along and enjoy the ride with me.